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Какие шарфы Вы больше всего любите
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My name is Alex , I'm from Kharkov (Ukraine). I collect scarves football clubs around the world.
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 899 | Добавил: Alex | Дата: 03.02.2014

Коллекция шарфов ФК "ФАКЕЛ" Воронеж
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1036 | Дата: 12.08.2013

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1057 | Дата: 06.01.2013

Bem-vindos à Cachecoisdofilipe!

Bem vindo a este site.Este é um site sobre a minha colecção de cachecóis.
Estes cachecois alguns são comprados,alguns oferecidos pelos clubes e outros oferecidos por pessoas amigas.
Se alguem quiser contribuir com algum cachecol,tem a minha morada,mas enviem só com aviso de recepção,ou então agradecia que me contactassem por mail para combinar a entrega noutra morada.Obrigado


Welcome to my site!
This site shows my collection of scarves for football clubsThese scarves are bought someothers offered by friendsand others offered by clubs.
Now that they are on this site so they can see the scarves in section click «CACHECOIS» and then have the various countries where they can click and view pictures of scarves.
Thanks for visiting this site.
Greetings and good research here on the site

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scarfscollectors | Переходов: 973 | Добавил: João Filipe Gomes Ladeiro | Дата: 19.10.2012

Vasil from Debaltsevo (Shakhtar Donetsk)
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1099 | Добавил: Vasiliy | Дата: 08.01.2011

Korona Kielce scarfs collectin (+wympels, pins, mini -shirts)
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1170 | Добавил: Dago | Дата: 30.11.2010

BENFICA's SCARVES Great collection
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1152 | Добавил: JOTA ENE | Дата: 25.11.2010

Bandy's scarfs collection

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1192 | Добавил: Andrey | Дата: 06.11.2010

Luigi Michael (Juventus FC)
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1371 | Добавил: Luigi Michael | Дата: 15.09.2010

The great football T-shirts collection!
others materials' collectors | Переходов: 1247 | Добавил: dsbrs | Дата: 01.09.2010

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1139 | Дата: 31.01.2010


My name is Mariusz ,I'm football scarves collector from Poland. 
My favourite team is:

I collecting national football scarves  53  federations from U.E.F.A..
If you want exchange some scarves with me-you write on my adress:
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1298 | Добавил: Mariusz | Дата: 02.01.2010

Great Ultras Portugal Scarfs Collection
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1338 | Дата: 02.01.2010

New Scarves for Exchange!!
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1419 | Дата: 02.01.2010

My name is Paruyr Mamikonyan. I`m from Yerevan, Armenia. I collect scarves since 2009.
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1302 | Добавил: Paruyr Mamikonyan | Дата: 02.01.2010


My name is Frank. I'm 20 years old and from the Netherlands. I'm a beginning scarf collector. My favorite club is:

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1378 | Дата: 02.01.2010

My name is Mrle, I live in Rijeka (Croatia), and I'm fan of CFC Rijeka, and also a member of supporter's club Armada. Beside I'm following my beloved club, I also have a hobby of collecting football scarves (club's and supporter's).
Here you can see my collection of scarves and also we can make an arrangement about trading some scarves.
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1369 | Добавил: Domijan Mrsic | Дата: 02.01.2010

PSV fan's collection
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1201 | Дата: 02.01.2010

This is a site for scarves collectors and football fans interested in football scarves. My name is Rob vonk, fan of F.C. Utrecht and scarf collector. The main part of this site is my  personal collection.
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1372 | Дата: 01.01.2010

Dynamo Bucharest(?)
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1137 | Дата: 01.01.2010

This is my site of football scarves and t-shirts.If you want to exchange with me,get in touch by my e-mail
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1153 | Дата: 01.01.2010

Great Legia's Collection
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1381 | Дата: 01.01.2010

Hello,I am football fan from Estonia,Tartu. This is my small homepage about my football scarves collection and list of games attended and grounds visited.
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1442 | Добавил: Antti | Дата: 01.01.2010

Xeres CD fan's collection.
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1454 | Дата: 01.01.2010


I am Angel From Bulgaria.I'm 18 years old.
I'm very pasionised fan of CSKA SOFIA.
This is my collection of scarfs.

Enjoy it.
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1334 | Добавил: Angel | Дата: 01.01.2010

On this site I want to present my collection of official football scarves! At the moment there are 264 scarves in my collection. But first I want to present myself!
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1351 | Добавил: Tim Reinders | Дата: 01.01.2010

red scarfs
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1235 | Дата: 01.01.2010

Scarfs collector from Czech Republik
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1367 | Дата: 01.01.2010

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1278 | Дата: 01.01.2010


Welcome to my website about footballscarves of N.E.C. Nijmegen. On this site you can find my entire collection of football scarves related to my favourite club: NEC Nijmegen. If you have some scarves of N.E.C. Nijmegen, contact me! 
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1295 | Добавил: | Дата: 01.01.2010

HI, on your left you have the differents scarfs of my collection.
I hope you like it!!

Its possible exchange any scarf. I can get any spanish scafs and especially Sevilla Fc scarfs.

Its possible too sell scarfs, whenever it is not price outside market. I have the thought that it might to be as cheaper as possible. Thanks to all!! 
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1323 | Дата: 01.01.2010

Welcome to my page!

My name is Nektarios and I'm from Amfissa, Greece
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1280 | Добавил: Nektarios | Дата: 01.01.2010

Here at this page I present my whole Collection of Footballscarves (Team- and Ultrascarves). 
The fotos will be coming soon.
If you want change scarves with me, only what you have to do is write a mail. At the exchange section you can find scarves, that I can change. I don`t change scarves from my collection!!!!!!
I hope that you like my little scarf collection and I would be very pleased, if you sign my guestbook and tell me something about my scarves. 

Enjoy it,

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1302 | Добавил: Luca | Дата: 01.01.2010


Hello, I´m Tomas from Czech Republic. This is my websites with my scarves collection. You can look at photos of my scarves. If you want to exchange some scarves feel free and mail me. I´m looking forward to your offers.  
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1332 | Добавил: Hrubec | Дата: 01.01.2010

This one is my collection of scarves of football of equipments teams that is his green and white equpaccion of colors, as the Real Betis Balompie, my team, my passion. Also I have scarves of other equipments teams that are not green and white.
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1213 | Добавил: Enrikiyo | Дата: 01.01.2010

I'm a Gil Vicente FC supporter from Portugal and this is my scarves collection.

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1261 | Дата: 01.01.2010

beautiful site of Braga's fan!
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1150 | Добавил: ricardocampos | Дата: 01.01.2010

Koronas' supporter collection
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1223 | Дата: 01.01.2010

Hi all,

this is my collection of ultras bar scarves you can contact me here:


scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1250 | Добавил: graysky | Дата: 01.01.2010

Сайт Димы Медведково
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1232 | Добавил: Dima Medvedkovo | Дата: 04.12.2009

The Great collection of Spartak Moscow scarfs from Sergey "Traveller" Utkin. Old, distinguished fan.
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1358 | Добавил: Sergey "Traveller" | Дата: 11.07.2009

Коллекция логотипов футбольных клубов России
others materials' collectors | Переходов: 1554 | Дата: 21.05.2009

Medala(Loko Sofia)- pins and scarfs
others materials' collectors | Переходов: 1614 | Добавил: Lyubomir Yovev | Дата: 24.12.2008

Fanroza's scarfscollection

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 2060 | Добавил: Dmitriy | Дата: 08.10.2008

Wouter (Ajax supporter)
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1700 | Добавил: Wouter | Дата: 01.10.2008

 Nik92 - Nosta fan
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1535 | Добавил: Nik92 | Дата: 29.07.2008

Tobias(Kaiserslautern fan) is my friend fron Germany. He collect all sportsscarfs with team's logo
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1851 | Добавил: Tobias Frisch | Дата: 23.07.2008

ZAM's site(collector from Moscow)

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1704 | Добавил: ZAM | Дата: 14.01.2008

сайт коллекционера из Воронежа
scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1617 | Дата: 12.01.2008

scarfscollectors | Переходов: 1863 | Дата: 07.01.2008

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